No matter where you place yourself on
the scale of creativity – the purpose is always the same.


Creativity is an adventure, an exploration.
It is not meant to be judged but stirred, tasted, savored.


Creativity opens your heart and mind
and flows as a river coursing through
every fiber of your being…ever reminding you that
you are the receptacle, the channel.
The full embodiment of life itself.


Creativity is your essence, the life force
dancing on the whims of your desires, hopes and dreams…
waiting in the wings to be expressed through the
kaleidoscope of your feelings and insights.  


Within the seed of creativity lie fertile possibilities 
seeking the light of day.


Then, as if by magic…
creative intention transforms an idea, a vacant
stage, a blank page, a tightly stretched canvas
through colors, movements, textures, patterns, sounds and images.


The intangible becomes the tangible.
Vision is made concrete by an act of will.


What a privilege it is to awaken to this sacred energy…
to entertain an idea, then to
nurture, mold and guide it into life.


“The idea is like a blueprint,
it creates an image of the form,
which then magnetizes and guides
the physical energy to flow into that
form and eventually manifests
it on the physical plane.”
~ Shakti Gawain

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