The Powerful Impact Words Have on Your Life


You can build a better body with exercise and a healthy diet.
You can build a better life by your choice of words.  Yes, they matter. The energy underneath them has the power to transform your reality. So pay attention to what you focus on and talk about.

I’m reminded of a story about Sam, who steps outside and sees his next door neighbor. He knows that his neighbor’s wife has been in the hospital and just had surgery. He shouts, “Hey John, is Linda home from the hospital yet?” John says, “Oh yes.”  Sam then asks, “How’s her recovery going?” John replies, “Not so good, she’s still talking about it.”


Have you ever been around someone who’s stuck in the same dramatic story? Every chance they get they tell it – glued to the habit of careless chatter. Then complain and wonder why it won’t go away.


“Words matter.” How many times have you read that line or heard it mentioned? We are beginning to realize how they affect our lives and one another.


A good friend of mine was raised by her “Granny,” as she affectionately calls her. Granny gave her a lot of common sense advice growing up. One priceless gem was, “Speak low, speak slow or keep your mouth shut. You can’t learn anything with your mouth open.”


Just for today, if you need to open your mouth to speak, please listen to your words. They truly are the building blocks of your life. What are you putting out into the universe?  What are you focusing on? If you speak slowly you can catch and change what you say and how often you say it.


And over time as your life begins to improve, you can silently thank Granny.


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