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A shortage of good leaders…
Over the past few years I’ve heard repetitive complaints that there are a shortage of good leaders. There are a variety of articles that give tips on how to be a better one or how to leave a job if you feel you work for a bad one. The advice given is valid and sound, however, I’ve never once read or heard someone suggest the one quality that I feel is missing in many of our leaders. That quality is unconditional love.


Perhaps it’s never suggested because there’s confusion as to what it means.  My take on it, simply put, is that it is complete acceptance of another. Complete means you accept all actions, behaviors and annoying traits of an individual. That doesn’t mean you have to like them. You certainly don’t have to continue to have a person work for you whose behavior is detrimental to your company.


However, if you apply unconditional love to the situation, you neutralize toxicity. That in itself calms the atmosphere because you’re not at odds or in conflict with the person. There is no battle to be won because you have surrendered to who the person is or how they’re acting in the moment. Your state of mind and interaction becomes supportive not combative.      


In essence here are a few of my thoughts on unconditional love…


Unconditional love is your freedom and the freedom you give to others.

There are no locked gates, no deterrents, no blocks, no borders. 

There are no chains, no restrictions to hold you or others back. 

No small intellect to override your truth or bury others.

Just pure unconditional love which rises above the drama of life and makes no judgments.

No fault finding.

Complete acceptance of another.

Perfect peace.

Unconditional love is embedded in your cells.

It’s in your DNA.

The only path to follow.

We only have a brief moment in time.

Don’t waste it.

Jump on the path.


“Don’t find fault,
find a remedy.”
~Henry Ford


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