Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley



The Essence of Powerful Leadership operates from the center of life which is balanced, harmonious and timeless. It shows us how life can flow peacefully through us and lifts us above and beyond our deepest fears when we let it.


It erases painful memories, suffering and harm. It frees us from self-made chains that keep us in captivity as it opens our hearts. Grace rises above the ashes and compassion is born.


It is inclusive and all-encompassing. It sees all and leaves no one behind.


Do you identify? Do you lead from within? Do have a clear vision and trust your path? Do you inspire those you lead? Do you transform their doubts into confidence?


Twenty-first century leadership reflects the best in all of us.  These are the leaders who have tackled the challenging inner work of facing their flaws and self-made obstacles. Developing empathy in the process, they help us to heal our wounds.


Together we rise. A unified force for the good of all.



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