Alzati Leadership Coaching by Susan Ann Darley

Robert Caney (British, 1847 – 1911 ) Interior of an Ancient Egyptian Temple


The outstanding characteristic of an artist is their ability to see and hold a vision before them in order to bring it to life on canvas. An original painting does not come with instructions. The vision comes from within the artist who must trust his or her judgment to skillfully and intuitively master each stroke.


A 21st century leader is an artist who can bring his or her vision to life through inspiring others to believe in it. This causes a collective swell of energy underneath the vision as the process of creative birth begins. The leader becomes the guiding force, adeptly applying focused concentration, guidance, knowledge and support to others.


John Singer Sargent


It’s a solo journey, no matter how many are involved. There are no guarantees that the vision will be appreciated, noticed or even work as imagined. A leader wrestles with doubts and fears alone. However, with a high level of self-realization, inner strength and awareness; intuition paves the way.


The Oxford Pocket Dictionary defines “art” as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


An artist at work often feels like the strokes and colors have chosen themselves.  It’s like universal wisdom is directing the flow. In those rare moments, the artist knows they’re not alone in their creative endeavor. That is when they know that all their struggles and discomfort in the labor of birth is worth it.


As a leader do your doubts and fears haunt you or even keep you from bringing your vision to life? If so, remember that you are not alone and that you are an artist. If it helps, use the power of pretend and become an uninhibited 5-year-old splashing bold strokes of paint across the paper.


Pour your heart and soul into your project, lifting you far above the potholes of life. Create as the artist you are, no matter what your profession, be it legislation, caring for a sick child or filling a cavity.


Let your vision be colored with beauty that speaks to the heart of humanity. If you will do that I guarantee that the emotional power emanating from your project will become part of your living legacy – something to be remembered, valued and treasured.


“There are two ways of being creative.
One can sing and dance.
Or one can create an environment in
which singers and dancers flourish.”
~ Warren G. Bennis, American Scholar

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