Alzati-Leadership Coaching by Susan Ann Darley

When appearances are contrary to what you’d wish them to be, it can feel like climbing uphill with weights on. Overcoming adversity is a challenge.  But you can do it.


When Maya Angelou’s son was in a car accident the doctors told her that he would probably not walk out of the hospital. She replied, “How dare you tell me that. I have taken it to a higher authority.”  He walked out.


There are times when life is overwhelming, discouraging and frustrating. No matter what’s on your plate, you feel empty. The original joy that was present in the beginning of your journey has disappeared. Or you’re midway up the mountain with no end in sight wondering if you have the strength and fortitude to make it to the top.


These are the critical times when you must take your desires to a higher authority. What that does that mean? It means to go deeper within yourself and higher in thought – beyond your personality into the realm of possibilities.


The personality level will keep you mired in fear, drama and negative self-talk. When caught in that you feel cramped, small and insignificant. When feeling this way, align with the higher force that runs the universe. Call it whatever you want to – Higher Power, Natural Law, Principle, God, Rama, Buddha or Archie – it doesn’t matter. It’s hard to believe that there isn’t something magnificently brilliant about the orchestration of the universe.


Use it for your good – what do you want? A healing, guidance, clarity of an issue, a new job? You must do your part. Look beyond the appearance and challenge staring you in the face and declare it resolved. Hold the thought, speak it, see it, believe it.


Now for the challenge – you must maintain your focus. Be present in the moment. Take your next step, then the next, then the next. “Chop wood, carry water.” No tapping your foot while waiting for a miracle.


Don’t fight your current reality or try to hide from it. When you begin to slack off – you’re doomed.  Clean up your negative thinking and do everything in front of you with the utmost care and focus. You are partnering at a conscious level with higher principle to achieve your goal.


You can’t go wrong when you do your part. For when you raise your consciousness it will breathe life into your vision.


And when you reach the top of the mountain? You’ll see it leads to a higher mountain that you are well-prepared and equipped to climb to even greater heights.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
~Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)


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