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Who doesn’t love a good drama? We race to the movies, thrilled to be lured into a world of espionage, adventure, romance or whatever genre appeals to you. The lights dim and you enter another world – temporarily enticed by the plot, characters and music.


When you walk out of the theater, the movie may be over, but you’re still held captive by your emotions. That is, until you get a call from a friend, spouse or colleague that slams you back into reality.


That is not a bad thing, unless your life is filled with drama. I don’t mean the occasional drama that we all deal with. I’m referring to the drama that brings you down and pulls you under.


Perhaps the source is a close friend who habitually recites a litany of woes. It could be a family member who nags or whines. Or a manager who dramatizes a situation to escalate your work load. Whoever it is, doesn’t matter – especially when you value your friend, love your family member and/or need your job.


If that is the case, don’t despair. You can learn to rise above their drama. Furthermore, in the process and from a higher view, you can see them through the lens of compassion.


I’d like to share a short story, that might just lower your frustration when being bombarded by drama…


There once was a master traveling with a student. They sat down to rest on the side of the road when a man walked over to the master and spit in his eye. The master acted as if nothing had happened. His student, alarmed and angry, ask his master, “How can you just sit there and do nothing when he just spit in your eye?” His master calmly replied, “He didn’t spit in my eye, he spit in his own.”


No matter what anyone will tell you, it’s quite difficult to rise above the drama until you can view life from a higher perspective. Until you realize that others act out when caught in the snare of their own pain and struggles.


Will your anger help to relieve that? Picture yourself standing beside a handicapped person in a wheelchair. If your anger arises would you slap their hand or take their hand?


The world needs your compassion – share it generously.

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