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According to Forbes magazine, the U.S. $30 billion health and fitness industry has been growing 3 – 4% annually for the last ten years. We all too often measure our strength by our physical ability.


We measure our mental agility by IQ tests. There are also tests designed to measure our emotional intelligence.  And there are psychological tests to measure happiness, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, ad infinitum.


Yet, how do you score on unexpected “life” tests?

The ones that turn your world upside down. A cancer diagnosis. The loss of your home. Caring for an invalid. An education cut short. Life challenges that test you to the core. 


While walking with a friend one night, he looked down at the sidewalk and asked, “Why is it some people fall apart when they step on a crack in the sidewalk and others simply step over it? 


The secret to remaining calm and clear-headed in a crisis.

For myself, I have discovered the secret is to not judge it. That means to let go of all judgment of myself and the ordeal I’m facing. Easier said than done… but possible. 


The judgment trap is not easy to escape. To prove my point, for just one day try to go without judging anything or anyone – including yourself. Consciously catch yourself every time you do, then change gears. Meaning move the gear from subjective to objective.


A light heart trumps heavy-handed judgment, especially of yourself, every time.

Become the observer. Fly high above the drama. Resist water cooler talk. View the world from the lens of a reporter – perhaps an alien from another planet simply here to take notes and learn about the human species. 


I realize that may be a bit odd to think about when you’re in the middle of a painful crisis. But a light heart and sense of humor reduces fear. In addition, it clears the road of unwanted debris allowing you to see and take your next step.


Most importantly, always remember…  

Judgment is felt. Of-course you already know that, for you know the feeling when you judge yourself. It doesn’t feel good. And when you judge another it doesn’t feel good to them. Your thoughts, words and actions have energy underneath them. Therefore, choose wisely how you will maneuver through life itself.


You alone can measure the test of your inner strength.



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