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Do you complain there’s not enough time in the day to conquer your workload? Do you struggle with creating a healthy balance between your professional and personal life? You’re not alone as many of us do.


Frequently we struggle with the choices we make at work, at home and all that lands in between. Have I made the right decision, priority list, marketing strategies and networking contacts? Am I an effective business owner, employee, spouse, parent, partner and friend?


Our lives are full of details and minute-to-minute tasks that require a hands-on approach. A myriad of challenges to be met and problems to be solved.  It’s no wonder with such full plates that we become stressed.


Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann DarleyHowever, when I look closely at my own stress levels, I realize it has little to do with what’s on my plate. It has to do with what’s on my mind. I find that at times my mind is far more cluttered than my plate – especially when it’s filled with these three verbs: judging, comparing and worrying.


I care about my professional and personal life. I care about my overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. So I turned on my internal lamp and this is what I found out about those three little words…


Judging:  For me judging is an act of indulging. I become a spy as I carefully observe my surroundings, which can include you. Yes, you. But you don’t need to know it because I only share my judgment of you with my friend, Alice. Yes, Alice knows you but she won’t repeat any of our words to another soul. Or sometimes I keep you all to myself – in my head, which is an overall danger zone. I judge myself as well. I’m very critical at times – especially when I begin…


Comparing: I use a measuring cup for this one. The inner dialogue takes over. “If I do this project will I look like a fool? Or is it important – a change-the-world-priority? But my co-workers can do it better than me. They’re faster, better-looking, smarter and younger. Why Bob has at least 1,200 followers and I have only 75. What was I thinking? Or am I just…


Worrying: I’ve never been a drama queen but you have to admit the world is a mess. I try not to let it distress me or derail me from my course but what are we going to do? How do we clean it up? We need to fix it now but that’s impossible. I must stop worrying because it’s giving me a headache. I didn’t sleep last night, I’ll pick up something from the store but it has side-effects that can cause drowsiness and even lead to depression…


With those three little verbs activated inside any of us, how can we give what’s on our plate our best – no matter how well we prioritize or what we choose? I don’t know about you but my internal lamp is now permanently flipped to the “on” button. I now catch myself when I start to free fall into judging, comparing or worrying. Then I fly as fast as I can out of the Venus fly trap of muck, waste and drama.


I’m reminded of a quote:


“Our best decisions are often what we
choose not to get involved in.”
~Doug Cooper


Just think, with one flip of a switch, you can be free.



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