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The online dictionary defines “New” as novel, original, fresh imaginative, creative, avant-garde and futuristic. Provocative words that encourage us to move beyond our self-created limits. Words that entice us to shed our doubts, hesitations and distrust.


I once found myself alone in Jamaica after a break-up in a beautiful hotel filled with guests. I thought of flying out the next day. Then I thought, I don’t know a soul here so why not try on a new persona. I did. I smiled, talked and laughed with the guests. I went dancing with the locals and overall had the time of my life.


The online dictionary also defines “New” as something that already exists but is seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time.  Therefore, as we enter 2019 are you ready to try on a part of you that has been shelved or hidden for too long? Ready to leave the old version behind?


It’s simply a choice. So garner up your courage and share more of you with the world because it’s waiting and doesn’t want to miss one minute of you.


Happy New Year!  Make 2019 the best new year of your life!

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