Don’t Let Your Mistakes Define You…or Others


I once worked for the leader of a company who said, “ I never see what’s right, only what’s wrong.” My first thought was, “Oh boy, this is going to be fun.  Of-course it wasn’t.


He was convinced that he was right to highlight people and their mistakes so they could fix them.  The problem was that he never acknowledged what they were doing right. His restricted view of his employees overshadowed the service his employees gave him.


His narrow-minded judgment even led to slapping on unfair assumptions on specific employees. The downside is that once that label is slapped on – it’s hard to remove. Not to mention the influence it has on other’s opinions of those designated employees.


Don’t be fooled by the foolishness of such leaders.


Our mistakes are our guideposts that serve to teach and give us course-direction. Nobody gets everything right all of the time. But leaders who don’t function well under stress often see a mistake as a failure on their part. Afraid of looking bad, they are quick to blame others.


The new wave of progressive 21st century leaders are ahead of the curve. They don’t hide from their own mistakes or shame others for theirs. They listen and learn, knowing fully well the wisdom we can receive from our mistakes.


“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” – James Joyce



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