Thomas Edison’s kindergarten teacher told his parents, “He’s an imbecile and unteachable.” Yet he left us with 1,093 patents for inventions that helped to change the world.


Richard Branson, (pictured above) is known for his eccentric behavior and is the owner of the Virgin Group, which operates over 400 companies, says, “I still can’t work out the difference between gross and net. I look at a crossword puzzle and I just go blank.”


Are you brave enough to reveal who you are to others – quirks and all? Society does not encourage it but people appreciate it because it gives them relief knowing they’re not alone with their idiosyncrasies. When we honor our originality, we re-energize and become passionate and excited about life.  


The human spirit is naturally adventurous and wants us to express the fullness of life. When we allow it to flow through us, our inner curiosity leads us to amazing discoveries and ways to fulfill our dreams.


Your responsibility is to accept who you are. Don’t look at what you can’t do but develop what you can. Just for today, challenge yourself and then the next and the next.


You may not change the world with over a thousand inventions or own a multibillion-dollar company, but I guarantee you that you will leave behind an original and meaningful legacy.


It beats just fading away.