Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley


All of us are filled with unique stories that have emerged from our personal journey. Stories that make up the fabric of our being, which is forever evolving.


The tapestry is woven together with strands from every encounter, event and situation we participate in. Multiple colors outline our experiences as the multitude of layers are filled-in by our emotions, senses and perceptions.


Look at the tapestry of your life. How does it feel? Perhaps you feel a whisper of regret or an overwhelming sense of gratitude. What do you see? Do you find the colors, patterns and the overall design appealing? What would you like to change?


Moving forward, which road will you choose?


The long, straight road is the safe road. It will take you to your destination with little disturbance. Your thoughts and fears kept private. 



Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley

The road filled with curves will toss you around and upside down. It’s filled with fears, heartbreaks, healings, revelations and self-appraisal.


A tough choice to say the least.


The straight and safe road is tempting. Who doesn’t like easy? However, with the curved road you’ll develop faith, fortitude, resilience and compassion as you courageously face and conquer the challenges before you.


When deciding upon the road ahead, remember this…


Dedicated and valued leaders have discovered
that the richness of life is never found in “easy.”


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