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Why Do We Have Difficulties?

At one time or another we all seem to have them. Why is life so hard at times?  We make it difficult because we have not yet learned how to skillfully use our mind to make life easier.


There is a huge difference between a “difficulty” and a “challenge.”  A challenge stands before you so you can achieve higher levels of knowledge, understanding and insights. With those achievements, new levels of confidence, abilities and usefulness emerge.


Difficulties are a reflection of our perception, attitudes and frame of mind when faced with a challenge. When you have a challenge and label it a difficulty you’ve already begun the downhill slide. Don’t look at your challenges as obstacles and hardships, instead see them as opportunities for personal growth, inspiration and creativity.


A Good Reason to Change your Mind…

When you find yourself locked in the “difficult” mode your energy is trapped. The more you complain, worry and stress; the more stagnant it becomes.


What is taking place is self-deprecation, which means you see yourself as flawed, diminished or inept.  Those three words and a host of other degrading words have nothing to do with who you are. What does that mean?


First, it means that if you carry the belief that you are flawed, diminished or inept then it’s time to uncover your truth.  Most likely the source of any negative description of yourself was given to you by others – be it someone close or perhaps cleverly disguised in media messages. But that doesn’t mean it’s true.


Would you assail a young child with such words?  When heard repeatedly, what will that do to their self-worth?  Eventually overtime, it will erode it and they will run the danger of growing up believing that difficulties are struggles that can take you down instead of challenges to rise up to.


Second, it means that your negative state of mind can affect your mental proficiency, emotional behavior and physical well-being. These factors undermine your ability to think, feel and act without regard for yourself or others. You are now dealing with low self-esteem issues, which not dealt with will affect your personal life and leadership ability.


Third, it means that it’s time to own the truth about yourself and every other person. Think of every species that has lived on this planet – every single plant, animal and person. Did any one species come in labeled good or bad, wrong or right, hateful or loving?  From the seed of life itself, which is miraculous, each new form of life comes in with intrinsic value and worth.


Unfortunately, it’s the highest form of life on this planet, the human species, who categorizes, labels and devalues life.  Often with vengeance, attempting to rip away the core of integrity within the life form, but that’s an impossible task. For no one can alter the miracle and mystery of life, which is pure, sound and incorruptible. That is your truth.


Let the judgments of the world fade away. No matter the color of your skin, your race, your religion and culture; or what you’ve done or haven’t done – you have worth and intrinsic value.


Therefore, own it, live it and share it. That is the most beautiful and powerful act you can do to help make it a better world.

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