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You have a vision – a compelling picture of what you want to achieve. You’ve carefully thought through every detail. It has purpose. It’s aligned with your company’s vision and values. It’s goal specific. You’re inspired and pumped up. Ready to jump in your car to travel the road ahead to bring it to life.


You turn the key. The engine’s humming. Excitedly you move the gear to drive and press your foot to the pedal anticipating the journey. Yet it barely moves. You floor it and it stalls. This is not a part of your plan. How do you navigate the unforeseen obstacles that sometimes appear? 


Below are 4 essential elements needed to smooth your journey from vision to reality:


One) Patience: This necessary ingredient, which can be trying, will carry you through the sometimes quick but often longer than desired journey of making your vision real. When you have a creative idea that sets the wheels in your mind in motion it’s exciting – especially as you begin to take steps to make it concrete. However, this is when it’s easy to gloss over critical steps needed for a strong foundation. Most of us resist slowing down, but the universe is uncanny in knowing when we need to so we can build something solid, beneficial and worthwhile. So, take a deep breath and trust the timing even though it makes you nervous, which calls for…


Two) Steadfastness: Underlying your occasional bouts of anxiety is fear. But you’re stronger than your fears. In-fact, you’re are unwavering in your resolve to shepherd your project to completion. Right? Now is a good time to remind yourself where your creative idea came from. Did it rattle around in your head or did you feel like it’s the right thing to do? When we feel deeply about our vision there’s an uncanny sense that it came to us from the universe. That sense or knowing opens the door to…


Three) Faith: Which without, your project is doomed. Faith is the bridge between possibility and reality. It’s having a conviction and belief in the outcome before you have external proof. It becomes scientific when you prove it works by holding on to the thought and belief that your vision is possible, then witnessing it transpire.


Four) Visualization: Research shows that it’s common for leaders, world-class athletes and peak performers to visualize. Visualization is your power tool to use in constructing your vision. Paint a detailed picture in the inner landscape of your mind. Pour your passion into your vision and let your senses fill it with color, sounds and feelings. Supercharge it with emotional energy to help bring it to life.


The above 4 elements will keep you calm, balanced and enthusiastic as you work on your vision. Conspire and consult often with the universe in regards to what is needed from you to materialize your vision, for you are the bridge to its possibilities.


“If you are working on something exciting
that you really care about, you don’t have
to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
~ Steve Jobs



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