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Skilled leaders know how to stay calm in the middle of a crisis.  They know they must maintain their equilibrium in high anxiety moments, make sound decisions and handle day-to-day challenges with a clear head.


Not always easy.  Agitated emotions can cause reactive behaviors. Within seconds, if those emotions are not brought under control, the crisis can escalate into high gear. However, there is a simple act you can do, which takes just seconds, and is amazingly effective.


First of all, right now, create a picture in your mind that brings you peace. It could be the smiling face of a child or your favorite spot in nature – a mental image imbued with serenity. Commit the picture to memory to call forth instantly whenever you need it.  


When you find yourself getting stressed try this:

Immediately put your hands together in the “prayer position.”  The second your fingers touch see your picture. 


The physical act of bringing your hands together will reduce your emotional charge. You will discover that this act coupled with seeing the image of what brings you peace will shift your perspective in an instance.


Many hand gestures are universal. Without saying a word, they can convey our state of mind. When we bring our hands together into what is commonly referred to as the “prayer position,” they symbolically express respect, peace, love and even unity with higher energy.


Practice this exercise to reduce stress and become calm anytime you feel agitated or have to deal with a crisis situation. It will allow you to pause a beat, breathe deeply and carefully choose your focus, words and actions.



“The ability to summon positive emotions during periods
of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership.”
Jim Loehr, performance psychologist    


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