Exceptional Leaders See Far, Wide and Deep


Alzati Leadership Blog by Susan Ann Darley


How often do you actually see what you’re staring at? Are you truly present and aware of the intricate designs of life that unfold before your eyes through art, nature and each other? Or are your thoughts interfering with the vision before you – creating static while racing nowhere, yet removing you from what will be a missed experience?


A chance to discover and acknowledge the beauty of life is tragically disfigured by an impatient mind.


Through the rush of living we gloss over the details and barely skim the surface of life. Important “to do” lists, weak excuses and self-obsession binds us to shallow living.


A valuable and skilled leader knows how to go higher and deeper. He or she intuitively dives into the heart of life – beyond mere appearances.


That is where true connection takes place. The place where a leader has the patience and willingness to explore the inner terrain of his or her life. It’s the place where the “not-so-nice” parts are acknowledged as self-responsibility grows.


Most importantly, as deeper aspects are revealed, it’s the place where compassion for themselves and others is realized. With that realization, an inseparable bond with humanity is restored.


It’s a rare soul who has the courage to dive deep in order to raise high. Labor is hard and birth is messy. Yet this is how the exceptional leaders of the 21st century emerge.


Is it worth it?


You decide.


“Never mind searching for who you are.
Search for the person you aspire to be.”
~Robert Brault


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