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My book,

"The Metaphysics of Business":

"A Practical Approach to Solving Complex Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century" will be out soon.

The Metaphysics of Business serves as a road map for leaders who choose to lead armed with critical insights into life that transform hearts and minds while shaping positive humanitarian change.





In the meantime…


My thoughts on 21st century leadership...

We need leaders who can see clearly through the lens of change.

  • Practical visionaries who understand the ethical renewal of capitalism and can skillfully guide companies through transition and transformation.
  • Leaders who can think ahead of the curve and take calculated risks.
  • Trailblazers who embody a grounded, peaceful core of steel and won't topple when the going gets tough.
  • Leadership that confronts corruption and replaces it with fundamental values.
  • Leaders who inspire, focus, direct and listen to those they lead.