Improve Your Life: Downshift into Neutral

Alzati Leadership Coaching by Susan Ann Darley


Do you panic when you look at your “To Do” list?  Does it throw you into overwhelm? When you stand still, are you still racing ahead?  Or does it cause “stop and go” behavior – sometimes freezing you in your tracks or spinning you out-of-control?


If so, then your favorite gear should become “Neutral.” When your car is in neutral the engine is disengaged from the wheels. Neutral allows your car to idle and buffer the next gear shift. It gives you a moment to slow down and take a deep breath.


4 Reasons to Downshift into Neutral 


1) Neutral is the key to understanding and living your life with the awareness of a higher purpose.  It takes you out of the “me” syndrome that is often filled with clutter, confusion and drama.


2) Neutral takes you out of your reactive emotional nature.  It also takes you out of your head where complex and lengthy analyses eclipse simple answers.


3) Neutral reduces impatience, anxiety and stress.  This improves your physical, emotional and mental health.


4) Neutral is the rest stop that allows you to let go of judgment of yourself and others. This leads you to compassion and peace of mind.


It’s so simple – just remember to pause and take a long deep breath. Then the next and the next. Let it become a positive addiction.


Neutral is the simple act of slowing down. It leads to higher ground – a fascinating place to explore.


“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.”
Doe Zantamata


My blog will resume January 2, 2018.
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays
and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year!
~ Susan


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